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Why do kids get to have all the fun? Stickers are the bees knees and I will find absolutely any excuse possible to use them as an adult. Stash Sticker Club is all about having fun while being super creative and organised! Here you’ll find stickers for studying, writing, decorating, tracking, and much more.


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What to plan when you have nothing to plan

Sounds ridiculous right? Sometimes life is blissfully boring but you still want those planner spreads to look full and lively! Here are some things that I love to put in my planner on those empty weeks. A lot of these also work as great fillers for monthly spreads that sometimes get ignored. 1. Entertainment TV […]

Brisbane Planner Markets 2019

The Stash gang had a blast being stallholders at the Brisbane Planner Markets this year. We brought along a whole lot of old faves, along with some new creations! Check out some pictures from the day in the gallery below. Missed out on the Brisbane Planner Markets? No worries! All of our leftover stock from […]

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  • Monochromatic vintage stickers make my soul happy. They somehow manage to match every single spread - or even just a cute extra touch to a note. What would you like to see added to the vintage collection? #vintage #vintagestickers #mushrooms #tea #bees #science

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